"Makes me wish ...that more sites were this in depth. It's like 'Gryphons for Dummies'."
-- Adriane Estes, Artist

"...Thanks again for the wonderful web site. It's a refreshing find on the otherwise generally uninspired Internet."
--Dana Dawson

Latest News:

June 2017 - Big things are on the horizon for The Gryphon Pages with a new site design, updated lore information and easier researching!

April 2011 - The Pages are still up and going strong! I have received a lot of suggestions on how to improve the site, along with added information and content. There will be large and small changes occuring in the next few months. Thanks to everyone who has found this website to be useful and informative - I am glad that I can help in your own research and curiosity!

Updated Friday, June 23rd - Here it is, the long awaited new design of "The Gryphon Pages", thanks to the wonderful talents of Melissa Spencer! Please let me know how you enjoy the new layout, and what can be done to better your experience here at "The Gryphon Pages". There is still much more to come, both in style and content, so continue to drop on by!

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Here I hope to present to you the most comprehensive and informative webpage on that singular mythical beast which has flown in human imagination for centuries. More fierce than dragons, more noble than unicorns, the Gryphon is probably one of the most celebrated yet most misunderstood mythical creatures in our history. I have spent a good amount of time gathering all of the information that I could on this wonderful beast, but this page is by no means exhaustive. There are many more legends surrounding the Gryphon that I have yet to dig up, so please come back often.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that I have used a variety of images from around the web and have done my best to give credit where credit is due. However, if you see a pic on here that is yours that you do not wish for me to use, then please inform me and I will take it off immediately. All art on this site is the sole property of their respective artists, so please get their permission before using their art. (The pop-up box will tell you who drew what if there is no reference nearby!) Likewise, feel free to use any text that you see on my site for other websites, school papers or whatever, just be sure to let everyone know where you found it!

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