The Old News!

And here are all of the old updates for those who are curious. Newest updates are at the top.


Monday, February 20th - The first update of the new year is not the big one I had hoped for, but I think that introducing a new gryphon book for everyone to sink their teeth into is a very important update indeed! Be sure to head over to the Modern Lit section of the Pages and take a look at the debut gryphon novel from Joe Ekaitis, "Collinsfort Village"!


Saturday, August 6th - A number of pages have been cleaned out with updated information, as well as to be more eye-appealing. I have placed two invaluable resources of mine upon the main page for others to follow and learn more about the noble Gryphon.

Wednesday, June 15th - Worry not, loyal readers, "The Gryphon Pages" are still very much up and alive. The unveiling of the new site design has been delayed for a little bit due to unforseen circumstances, but rest assured that the new site will be grand, indeed, with plenty of new information and links to keep you occupied!

Friday, February 10th - will be going through some major changes over the next few days, so I appologize if some pages become unuseable during that time period. Hopefully the new Pages will be worth the wait!

Sunday, January 2nd - Though it may look like there were only two updates to The Gryphon Pages in the last year, I assure you, dear readers, that the Pages are very much alive and running. I have hired some help to create a cleaner looking website, and with the unveiling of the new design will come a plethora of new additions to the site, including a search function, gryphon inspired games, and reviews of modern gryphon books. Also under construction is a forum for the Pages, which will be dedicate to discussions on gryphons throughout history, literature and art, as well as a place to post gryphon sightings or newly discovered merchandise!


Thursday, April 29th - New winds are blowing for The Gryphon Pages, so look for some more changes soon. For this update I've added a long overdue Bibliography section for anyone else who wants to partake in some Gryphon research!

Saturday, March 28th - After a four month downtime with the server, I have finally moved The Gryphon Pages to their very own domain at! I sincerely apologize to everyone for the disappearance of the Pages, but I can only hope that this turn of events will come out for the better. More cosmetic changes will be soon coming, as well as updated links and new information and books.


Sunday, September 14th - Unfortunately little has been done to the Pages with the exception of cleaning up the design of some of the sections and updating certain pieces of information.

Wednesday, June 6th - I'm alive and well in Texas, though I'm still searching for that time I need to properly update the Pages. Some new (old?) gryph information has come to my attention relating to the etymology of 'gryphon', as well as some new items to add to my Merchandise section. Speaking of which,, which provides a service to customize items for sale, has recently made an unwanted change in their TOS which will cause many of their clients to unsubscribe from their service. I say this here because many of those people sell gryphon related items through their Cafepress store, and I link to them in my Merchandise page. Which means that unless these people can find another, more reasonable service to go through, the amount of unique gryphon items for sale advertised in my Pages will decrease.

Thursday, February 27th - Unfortunately I've not had much time to update my Pages with new information. However I have added a quick information box to the main page which changes info each time you load. I have orders to move from Florida to Texas soon, so hopefully after that you'll be seeing more updates here. Thank you all for continuing to make "The Gryphon Pages" the best gryphon site on the Net!


Sunday, September 1 - Contrary to what the lack of updates represents, the Pages are alive and going strong. Time has just not been on my side lately, that's all. I do have two updates now though. I've added the actual MP3s of the Gryphon songs in my Today page, and I've been forced to change my Guestbook since the service I was using before went down. So help me fill it up and leave those comments!

Friday, June 14 - No new updates I'm afraid, but the number of hits the Pages have received is now in the five digits! Thank you all for your support

Saturday, March 4 - Added the Phoenix to the Relatives page. Next on the list, more relatives and the Links page!

Wednesday, April 17 - Added a brand new section, the Relatives page!! Next order of business, the Links page.

Thursday, March 14 - No new updates, although I am now officially underway on patrol and will not return for a while, so any replies to e-mails and suggestions will be a while to come. And thank you to everyone who has helped for my humble Pages to reach over 7000 hits in under a year of existence!

Saturday, February 9 - The Origin page is now up! I've also changed some things on the Today page and added lyrics to the Gryphons songs, and tweaked a few things on the Location page.

Monday, January 21 - Majorly overhauled the Legend page since it was loading to slow and I have more info to put there. So now it's in sections. The "Origins" section is still not up however, but give me a few days and I'll remedy that.

Saturday, January 19, 2002 - Yay, my first update of the new year! I'm finally back on land from my little patrol, and I've cleaned up the coding on the main page... If you saw it before, it was scary. I also joined the Gryphon WebRing! Many good gryph sites in there. Added a new book to my second Literature page, by John Timbs relating Gryphons to Tapirs. I'm also currently in the process of dividing up my Legend page as well, so look out for that very soon.


Saturday, 22 December Ė Well, Iíve only had the time to tweak a few things here and there, but nothing major. And I leave today onboard Confidence for a short patrol in the Caribbean, so if sometime within the next month or so you e-mail me or whatnot and I donít reply, then you know why. ;} Happy Holidays to all!

Friday, 30 November - Okay, so I'm not as fast on my updates as I would like to be, but my Pages are doing extremely well, having quickly crossed the 3000 mark already! Thank you to all who have written in my GuestBook or e-mailed me with praise and/or criticism, it really helps! I want this to be the most informative page out there on Gryphons, and the more advice I get, the better I can make that happen! Now, as for updates, I have cleaned up some things here and there, added Nambroth's stationary to my Merchandise page, as well as added a good bit of more info to the Heraldry page.

Saturday, 29 September - Lots of stuff has happened, obviously. I'm afraid that my boat was called away on the 12th... and I will be gone for at least a month more. But expect many updates after that! But in good news... I am now on Yahoo! Before I was getting perhaps 10 hits a day, but now I am getting over 30! First the Internet, then the world!

Friday, 24 August - No real update right now, though hopefully by Sunday you shall see a considerable change in the "Legend" section. And my sincere thanks to all who view the Pages; at an average of 15 hits a day it is growing quite quickly, more than I had imagined. And I'm not even on any major search engines yet!

Saturday, 11 August - Nitpicked around with the artwork on various pages. Updated the Modern Art page. Still trying to find the time to add some new gryph info that I found as well as work on the projects I have in "What's Next". Soon...

Monday, 30 July - Added Orca to my Art Commissions page!

Saturday, 28 July - Added a new GuestBook. Created the Prints and Commissions pages to the Merchandise section, finally. And I now have a counter!

Tuesday, July 17 - Finally another update! I'm back on land and ready to start working on my site again. First off, I adopted a new Gryph into my Hatchery! I also divided the Merchandise page into various sections for easier loading. I added a new Gryphon axe to the Merchandise page as well as Silvernyte's CafePress store.

Sunday, June 17 - Popped in for the weekend and updated a few things on various pages. The Main page got the biggest overhaul though, with my new buttons from Acyd, a cool gryph e-mail pic from Flynn, and a cool gryph GuestBook pic from Tamen! I also moved all the old news to another page to make a bit more room here. ^_^ I'll be back for a better update in two weeks or so. Until then, clear skies and following winds to all.

Thursday, May 10 - Well, it's been a busy month, with a lot of goings on uh... going on, so updates were slow. Cleared up a few spelling mistakes, added a bit to the Legend page and, well, that's about it! Oh, and as of tomorrow I will be gone for approximately two months, so if you feel the need to e-mail me or something, my reply is going to be just a bit slow. ^_~ See you in two!

Friday, April 12 - Found the answer to why Gryphons have pointy ears on the "Legend" page. Linked to Stormy Pillowgryph's page on my Modern Art and Lit pages for a list of Guilders wialleries.

Tuesday, April 10 - Put up a Lady Pendragon pic on my Modern Art page. Added two new items to my merchandise page, the "Ring of the Caesars" (thanks Sparhawk!) and a "Gryphon St." street sign.

Friday, April 5 - Found a new home here at! Finally summarized the "Bundahis" on my Literature page.

Monday, April 2 - Added to certain parts of the Legend, Art, Modern Art and Literature pages.

Monday, March 26 - Uploaded three Gryphon songs in .mp3 format onto my "Today" page.

Thursday, March 22 - Added four new stores to my "Merchandise" page, thanks to Stardust Featherpaw. Adopted another Gryph! Officially open to everyone!

Tuesday, March 20 - Updated various pages with credits to artists, as well as added Jennifer Miller's store to my "Merchandise" page!

Saturday, March 17 - Started piecing the Gryphon Pages together. There are still a few messed up links, but please be patient and I will have it all fixed soon!

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