About Me

James S. Spaid, creator of The Gryphon Pages.

This is for those of you who are curious as to who I am and what makes me tick. If you're not, then what the heck are you doing reading this page for!?

My name is James Scott Spaid, and when I'm not creating webpages about mythical creatures, I have the esteemed pleasure of serving in the United States Coast Guard. I am currently stationed at the Training Center in Petaluma, California, as an instructor and Class Advisor for up and coming Operations Specialists. Eventually my road of life should lead me to become an English teacher, since I plan on getting my degree with the help of the Coast Guard.

The biggest question that I get asked is, "Why Gryphons?" My answer is usually, "Why not?" They are arguably among the most ancient and complex mythical creatures in the history of the world, as well as the most misunderstood. I'd heard that Gryphons were evil. I'd heard that they were good. I'd heard that they loved to eat horses. To some the word "gryphon" was synonymous with "gargoyle". Why? Why could a creature be so seemingly straightforward, yet be so amazingly complex? There was also a strange feeling of kinship with these creatures... When no one I asked knew the answers I sought, I took it upon myself to find them, through my library and the Internet. It was late '99 that I decided to study hard into Gryphon lore, in order to learn all that I could about this magnificent creature. I found out many things about Gryphons that were unknown to me before, though it was tough. While studying, I discovered a good number of sites online which had bits and pieces of Gryphon information on them, yet found few sites which were devoted ENTIRELY to Gryphons, their lore, and their history. A page that was heralded as "the most informative gryphon page out there" was well intentioned, but had only a smattering of information and has not been updated in more than three years. By researching a few choice books I soon noticed that I had accumulated information on Gryphons that wasn't even on the Internet. But by finding those few sporadic web pages on Gryphons, I knew that I wasn't the only one out there who was more than curious about this creature. That was when I decided to put all of this self-imposed studying to good use. I just hope you like the results.

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